HIMALAYA NEPAL: Part 4. Making it and Homebound.

We have come to the final post of Nepal. Although it has been a year since we stepped foot in Nepal, we are still talking about how wonderful it was to experience the beautiful nature made by God. Not everyone is as fortunate as us. We are planning to conquer Annapurna soon. As you all know, we went up Poon Hill at 4am just to witness the beauty of sunrise in between the Himalayas. Just look at what Fadza managed to capture. Breathe in, breathe out. Now go.













Going up in the morning wasn’t easy at all. Lack of sleep due to fever & cold added another barrier to succeed. Nevertheless, once we’ve reached the top of Poon Hill, all the pain disappeared. Like magic. Going down wasn’t as hard as going up (obviously). As soon as we reached Ghorepani we immediately had breakfast, packed, rested our legs for about an hour and started climbing up & down again. This time is to go home.








Here’s us & our potter Jaget with beautiful mountains behind us.





This was taken at one of the stops on the hill. What you are about to see is the Himalayas from the other side of the world. People went crazy. We did too. Rested our legs for about 10 minutes, had a few sips of water and continued our journey down the hill.



Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

Gandruk Village

After walking for about 4 hours, we finally reached Gandruk village which was our last stop before reaching Nayapul, where we first started. We stayed a night at the Guesthouse facing the beautiful Dhaulagiri. After all the walking, all you basically need is a good hot shower and and and… a comfy clean bed.

I slept right after dinner & Fadza had a date with his camera, Dhaulagiri and the stars that night. He managed to capture beautiful pictures of our last night at the balcony. He plans to have them printed in his book which he is now compiling & we’re hoping to have the books in our hands by 2016.





Our experienced up to Ghorepani was the best for 2014. I couldn’t believe my eyes that I’ve stepped foot there and survived. From reaching Kathmandu, trying their local food, staying at few Guesthouses, meeting a friend, making new friends, climbing up & down

and last but not least, the Himalayas.



Our experienced up to Ghorepani was the best for 2014. I couldn’t believe my eyes that I’ve stepped foot there and survived. From reaching Kathmandu, trying their local food, staying at few Guesthouses, meeting a friend, making new friends, climbing up & down and last but not least, the Himalayas.

Note: Some of the photos in here (square format) was taken via iPhone.

Re-Narrated by Nina Zainorin
Photographed by Fadza Ishak
I: @journeykita
fadzaninatravel@gmail.com for any collaborations or any offer for our humble journey 🙂




Nayapul, Nepal.

Took us about 30 minutes or so to reach Nayapul by taxi, which is the starting point of our climb to Ghorepani. The journey to Nayapul was the eye opener of the trip. We saw the himalayas from down below. We were stunned by the beauty of the mountains & for a while, we couldn’t believe that we are about to start hiking. First, we saw the amazing Fishtail. We find it hard to fix our jaws.

When we finally reached Nayapul, we met tonnes of trekkers & hikers getting ready their backpacks, adjusting their walking sticks, filling water in their water bottles, fixing their hiking shoe laces, some girls got their hair bun perfectly & porters busy bundling up backpacks to be carried on their backs.


Once we had our stuff & porter ready, we prayed to god for our safety & started the climb. We had to pass by some villages on our way up. Most of them are very shy, especially the women. They smiled & some friendly ones even greeted “Namaste”. Nepali kids are the cutest. They go “Namaste… Chocolate.” They were just too cute to be ignored.


The weather in Nayapul was pretty hot. The heat from the sun made us finish a bottle of water in split seconds. Our advise is to wear something comfortable and spare another extra bottle of water + 100plus or revive. Pack also energizing food such as chocolate bar, banana & energy bar. You might need it.

It took us about 20 minutes to reach Birethanti, the tourist checkpoint. We came across a bridge with colourful flags & snapped some pictures. Well… Its a must. Looking down to a green coloured water stream forced us to take off our clothes & just dive in the water. Unfortunately, we had to control ourselves from doing so. Water was rough & said to be dangerous. We didn’t see anyone near the stream.


So the hike begins. After 30 minutes of normal flat land, here comes the hill. Up & down. Up & down. Not to forget the heat. We got burned. I could feel the heat burning my skin. But, the show must go on and so we walked… And walked… And walked… And walked… Up & down the hill.

There is a stall on your way up selling fruits run by the locals. We bought bananas and continued our journey.

After about 2 hours of hiking, we reached a small rest place where you can relax & order food. We only stopped for 10 minutes to catch our breath & also to snapped some pictures.


Here’s us in front of the small rest place taken by Jaget our potter.

After 10 minutes of catching our breath, we started walking again. This time around its all about going up. Fadza had fun & me… I struggled a little bit. My advice is to train your legs before even thinking to hike up. A 30 minutes jog everyday would definitely help on the stamina.


So we met some harmless friends. Instead of using manpower, donkeys are used to carry food & other supplies up. There were many of them everywhere. They poop everywhere too. So mind your step when walking.

First day journey stopped when we reached Thikedunga. Checked in at a tea house where they served food, drinks & rooms for hikers to stay overnight. We had our legs rested for about 30 minutes, then we went for a quick shower before having our late lunch. We both had a decent plate of chicken fried rice each & hot honey ginger lemon tea.

We stayed in a room facing a beautiful waterfall. We saw hikers dipping in but we were too tired from the long hike. So I took a short nap while Fadza goes around taking pictures & making connections with the locals.

We also had dinner at the same place. We asked for Dhal Bhat cos we decided to have something that could gain energy for tomorrow’s hike. Jaget told us its all about climbing thousands of stairs & hills again. So consuming proper food might help us with the climbing. We went to bed as soon as we finished our meal.


Second day begins.

The sun’s up & we are ready to climb after our breakfast. Everything’s packed and we’re ready to start. Started of by crossing another bridge. Then the climbing starts. As usual, donkeys everywhere. So whenever you see them coming towards you, you must give them way.

The scenaries started to get more beautiful on the second day. Beautiful mountains, villages, people & not to forget a beautiful wonderland waterfall.


After about 4 hours hike, we stopped for lunch break at the Hungry Eye Restaurant in Nangethanti. We had our lamb fried rice and our usual hot honey lemon ginger tea. Rested our legs for about an hour or so and continue hiking.

FDZ_5391 copy

Our final stop for day 3 is Ghorepani. Took us about 2 hours to reach Ghorepani from Nangethanti. By the time we reached the top of Ghorepani, its about time for sunset. We checked in at Kamala Guesthouse & again we got the best room with the best view. We freshen up, changed & went for a stroll around the area. It was freezing cold & we checked the temperature it was about 0 degrees.


Had dinner and mingled a little with some hikers from Macau, Brits & their porters. We exchanged experiences and mostly talked about our way up to Ghorepani. By the time we finished our hot ginger lemon tea, its about time to rest for tomorrows hike up to Poon Hill. We need all our energy pumped in cos tomorrows hike starts at 4am. Yup that early cos Poon Hill is all about sunrise.

Here are some pictures taken by Fadza just by our room window. It was freezing cold but we melted looking at the amazing Himalayas.

FDZ_5475 FDZ_5480 copy FDZ_5481 FDZ_5485

Our next post will be our final post for our trip to Nepal. If you wish to know the cost of our trip, wait for the post. Give us about 2-3 weeks to come up with our final post. We know we are so late in updating. We are flattered to know that some of you are still waiting for it. We hope we didn’t disappoint all of you. LOVE! From us.

Photographed by Fadza Ishak
Re Narrated by Nina Zainorin
I: @journeykita
E: fadzaninatravel@gmail.com


Kathmandu – Pokhara

4 October 2014-5 October 2015


Hello again backpackers!

How are you doing? Share with us your latest location. We are here waiting for the right time to fly and explore again. You don’t know how important it is for us to fly and document. As for now, Fadza is busy with FIAP & Capra Hircus capturing moments in life of other people & I am here busy designing kids clothes I call Kidd Company.

In this post, I will tell you how beautiful it was the journey to Pokhara and Pokhara itself. We literally had our eyes glued to the scenery.

But first, I’m going to tell you a little bit more of what we did in Kathmandu before we left to Pokhara.


So we met a Singaporean friend of ours who at that  time was working on his assignment with Singapore Museum to achieve the Gurkhas who is also very familiar with Nepal to take us around Thamel. By familiar, he knows places in Nepal and he speaks basic Nepali language. Boy we were amazed.

First stop, OR2K Restaurant. Located at Mandala Street, Thamel to be exact. They served scandinavian-middle east food and we tried OR2K Special Breakfast For 2. One word, satisfying.






We simply love the environment and ambiance. The crowd were mostly Europeans. Some of them looked tired which we bet they just got down from hiking and some of them are pretty normal energetic people.

We basically sat there for hours just to get our spirits on by throwing questions to our Singaporean friend, Zakaria Zainal about hiking up to Ghorepani.

After the long Q&A session, we took a stroll at Thamel street for the last time before we head down to our Guesthouse and rest for the long bus journey to Pokhara the next day.




We stumbled across our first Stupa at Naghal Tole. It wasn’t the biggest Stupa but it is still something we haven’t seen before and we find it interesting. Colourful flags , pigeons everywhere and locals praying. How amazing?




Did we mention that the locals are pretty cool? Every time Fadza had his camera up, they’ll be posing and smiling for the camera. We bet they are used to it.









So here we are back at Thamel Street. We were both hungry from the long walk from Durbar Square with Zakaria and we had coffee together too at the Himalayas Coffee near the Square.

Chick ‘N’ Falafel

Don’t you just love street food? Here we tried their chicken wrap and fries just for the sake of trying everything we could while in Kathmandu. You should do too if you come across this one.





Kathmandu at night.



Journey to Pokhara.

Woke up at 5am and walked to the bus station where we took an 8 hours bus ride to Pokhara. We left Avalon Guesthouse accompanied by Jagjit, our “Superhuman Nepali” a.k.a porter. He guides us from Kathmandu to Pokhara and up to Ghorepani.

We stopped somewhere in the middle of the Prithvi Highway for lunch and guess what we had? We had our power booster Dhal Bhat. Consist of white rice, vegetarian dhal, vegetarian curry & poppadom (Nepali call it “Pappad”).

FDZ_5021 FDZ_5024


We saw a stall opposite the road and thought of trying something new. So we tried the Nepali Bread. It was delicious. Looks like a doughnut tastes like miracle. Never ever miss the chance to try it when you come across it in the future.

So here we are in Pokhara. A peaceful town full of hikers. It’s chillier here in Pokhara than in Kathmandu. The air is also cleaner than Kathmandu. It’s a beautiful place to relax and unwind before the torture of climbing the mountain begins.











We arrived at approximately 4pm and the first thing we did was walked straight to Baba Guesthouse and checked in. After checking in, we took a walk to the famous Pokhara Lake. The scenery is to die for. There were people canoeing, relaxing and simply there to enjoy the view.

FDZ_5089 FDZ_5099

Load shedding is a must in Nepal. We had a few load shedding time in Kathmandu at 6pm as well in Pokhara. We asked the locals why is this still happening? They just said that Nepal is big and they don’t have enough power to supply electricity 24/7. At 730pm, the generator kicked in, and Pokhara is lighted up again.

We had our early dinner at the Guesthouse and went straight to bed. We needed a good rest before tomorrow where the hike starts.

FDZ_5100 FDZ_5102 FDZ_5106

Our next post will be on our hiked up from Nayapul to our first stop Thikedunga. We hope you enjoyed this post. Sorry again to keep you waiting. We promise to work on the next post as soon as possible.

For those interested to share your journeys around the globe, do follow @journeykita on Instagram. Tag us or hastag #journeykita and we will say Hi.

p/s: Fadza is still working on his book on Nepal.


Photographed by Fadza Ishak
Re Narrated by Nina Zainorin
I: @journeykita
E: fadzaninatravel@gmail.com


Himalaya Nepal: Kathmandu. Part 1.

Kathmandu, Nepal
3 October 2014.

Greetings backpackers! As you all know, Journeykita landed in Kathmandu in October for few days before proceeding up to Ghorepani. First of all, we had a great week in Nepal. Although we weren’t at our best health condition, we still made it to the top.

However, this post is mainly about Kathmandu. We spent 2 days  in Kathmandu before we headed up to witnessed the Himalayas.

Upon our arrival at Tribhuvan Airport, we had to fill in the forms for VISA and it took us almost two hours to reach the Immigration Counter. Our advise is before coming, make sure you take a day off to the embassy and apply your VISA as it will help you save time and energy.

FDZ_4722 FDZ_4730 FDZ_4724 FDZ_4723

Upon our arrival, we were greeted by the staff from Avalon House as we exited the arrival gate. He was there standing holding a piece of paper with our names written on it. He then quickly put his hands together and said “Namaste”. How wonderful?

The weather was beautiful. Windy and clear blue skies for an evening walk around Thamel.

Tribhuvan Airport – Avalon House, Thamel.

FDZ_4736 FDZ_4745 FDZ_4749 FDZ_4751

Avalon House, Kathmandu.

As soon as we reached Avalon House, we settled down and straight went to meet Saput who was the owner of Avalon House to help us with our trip up to Ghorepani. Before we made our decision to visit Nepal, we stayed connected with Saput. Basically, he helped a lot in making our budget trip worth while.

Saput took out his map and showed us the routes to Ghorepani. He then suggested to go on the 5 days hike up to Ghorepani with a guide + porter.

The minute we settled with Saput, we went up to the roof top to for a quick view at Thamel’s street and mountains as background.

FDZ_4756 FDZ_4758

The street of Thamel, Kathmandu.

When strolling on the streets of Thamel with the objective of bread hunting, we discovered that there are more than breads to hunt. There are stalls selling sort of taco along the streets. Made with egg + vegetables + seasonings wrapped with pita bread. It costs us NR30. A little salty for me but hey, when you’re travelling somewhere you’re not sure if you’re ever gonna come back… you must try everything you come across.

Besides hunting for Nepalese tradition foods (which I’m going to tell you more later), we came across shops selling hiking gears. Some will work around your budget and some will fight for their price. They sell hiking shoes, walking sticks, backpack, thick jackets, hiking pants and all the things you need to prepare before you hike.

We managed to find a Stupa (a dome-shaped building erected as a Buddhist shine) hidden somewhere on the streets of Thamel. Took some pictures and headed back home for dinner on the rooftop overlooking magic.

FDZ_4767 FDZ_4821 FDZ_4814 FDZ_4812 FDZ_4808 FDZ_4807 FDZ_4805 FDZ_4800 FDZ_4797

FDZ_4770 FDZ_4769

First night in Chilly Kathmandu.

We consider our-self lucky to be in Nepal on the night they celebrate Dashain Festival. As explained by Saput, Dashain also spelled Dasain is the celebration of victory of good over evil. This festival symbolize that good always prevail after the bad. The locals stayed close to their home and the night was quiet at certain places.

FDZ_4826 FDZ_4844 FDZ_4843 FDZ_4839 FDZ_4838 FDZ_4833

We ended our first night just chilling with Saput. He shared ideas on places to visit in Kathmandu, Nepalese traditions and also the story of The Nepal Royal Massacre. Fadza had the idea of interviewing a local about The Nepal Royal Massacre before we flew and he basically nailed it this time.

Anyway, Fadza is on the verge of printing a book about our visit to Nepal. He will include the interview in his book.

That’s about it for now. Here are our brief costing for day 1 in Kathmandu.

– Avalon House: MYR44.00 p/n/p plus airport pickup.

– Visa: USD 25/person for less than 15 days visit

– Food: Bread (we had a bad one for the first night) MYR3.00

– Mineral Water NR25.00, Street food NR30

– Getting around: We walk every where. Almost.

Next post, we will tell you more about the food we tried the next following day, the things we saw that we didn’t see the first day and a Singaporean friend we met in Kathmandu.

Last but not least, for those who waited for this particular post to finish, thank you very much. Follow us on our Instagram @journeykita and share your travelling experience with us.

Photographed by Fadza Ishak
Written/Re-narrated by Nina Zainorin
I: @journeykita
E: fadzaninatravel[at]gmail.com



Dear followers, thank you for being awesome. We received tons of retweets in Twitter about our trip to Sungai Lembing. JourneyKita was famous for a day and again sorry for keeping you guys on hold. We are currently in the midst of planning our next mountains and desserts hiking trip end of September 2014 and its not an easy job to organize a long tour. Nevertheless, we managed to banked in all the information needed and we are thankful for the connections made.

As promised,


January 2013.

 FDZ_7663 copy FDZ_7667 copy FDZ_7691 copy

The Cliff, Ao Nang serves breakfast at the balcony. The first thing we saw when we opened the door was food. Frankfurters, eggs, toast, milk, juices, fruits and so much more. It’s always nice to skinny dip in the pool after breakfast,

Ao Nang is peaceful during the day. Majority goes out for tours or the others  just roams around the street bargaining shirts, bags & souvenirs to bring back home for family and friends. To get good price you must know how to bargain. It is highly recommended to shop during the night as there were more stalls and competition. Chances of you getting good price for certain goods is high.

FDZ_7726 copy

The Cliff, Ao Nang gave us a complimentary dinner for two and we had Thai food of course. Dinner was set up romantically by the pool overlooking the cliffs. Awesome food + awesome scenery equals to AWESOME POSSUM.

FDZ_7730 copy

1 hour Thai body massage was also on the complimentary list. Masseuses came to our room that particular night and gave us each a perfect touched.


Checkout Ao Nang street in black and white below.

FDZ_7740 copy FDZ_7741 copy FDZ_7744 copy FDZ_7755 copy FDZ_7760 copy FDZ_7771 copy

After a night exploring the street of Ao Nang, we got excited for the 4 islands tour the next day. We booked the tour from The Cliffs reception & they organised the tour for us. It’s slightly cheaper booking tours with your resort than buying them along the streets.

FDZ_7774 copy FDZ_7776 copy FDZ_7778 copy FDZ_7783 FDZ_7790 copy

A bus picked us up at the resort after breakfast and sent us to Ao Nang beach. There, we waited for another group of tourist to join the tour. We shared a tail boat with a young Singaporean couple, a group of European youngsters  & 2 white men from Denmark.


FDZ_7793 copy FDZ_7799 copy FDZ_7800 copy FDZ_7802 copy


FDZ_7814 copy

Water was crystal clear & shallow. Weather was perfect but the island was filled with humans. Its perfect for a little swim but as time goes by, it gets deeper. There were 2 separate islands and we had to walk a mile or so to reach the actual beach using the only path made naturally by its white sands. We were given an hour to explore the island and we had to walked back to our tail boat for another island.


FDZ_7831 copy FDZ_7839 copy

The path made naturally by sands.

FDZ_7854 copy FDZ_7870 copy FDZ_7893 copy FDZ_7900 copy FDZ_7902 copy

Below’s the reason why the island was named Chicken Island.

FDZ_7914 copy1


Second stop, BAT ISLAND.



Here, we went snorkeling. To those who can’t swim, worry not. Life jackets are provided. You will be given a set of flippers, a  life jacket & a goggle to explore the underwater world. Some corals are dead due to Tsunami attacked in 2004 but they are reserving few areas for corals to develop. I was quite disappointed at first as I was looking forward to see colourful corals. There were some but they weren’t many. Magic happened after I saw colourful small & big fishes swam beside & under me. They were actually very friendly. Its a must go snorkeling trip if you love fishes.

FDZ_7930 copy FDZ_7931 copy FDZ_7934 copy

Third stop, PODA ISLAND.


Poda Island is where tourist paid to relax & unwind. They just lay down half naked wherever the want and praised the sun. We asians, looked for a perfect space under canopy trees accompanied by our sunglasses.  This is also where lunch was served overlooking an island with a single long cliff. Thick chicken tom yam and mixed vegetables was good enough for us hungry humans. Tail boats parked at the shore compliments the scenery. Locals there are very helpful. We were given an hour to explore the island and we did not waste a single minute looking for fishes, seashells & topless chicks.



This boy sold us Popsicle while we were strolling around the island. Such a sweet boy asking if the Popsicle was alright. Nina’s tongue got glued to the Popsicle for a few second because it was super freezing.

FDZ_7963 FDZ_7964

Skinny dipping with a Popsicle in your mouth is always fun! A mixture of hot & cold.

FDZ_7969 copy FDZ_7972 copy FDZ_7982 copy

Last but not least, fourth stop… Phra Nang Island.



I think Phra Nang Island is the liveliest island of all. There were people kayaking, cliff climbing, cliff jumping, swimming, snorkeling, picnicking, locals selling snack on an unused tail boat & people exploring the cave. Phra Nang to us was a very fun island. It was recently voted one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. It has jaw-dropping spectacular scenery and is an excellent swimming beach. As usual, we were given an hour to explore the majestic island and that people, was the end of our 4 islands hopping tour.


Tail boats selling all sorts of snacks.


FDZ_7997 copy FDZ_7999 copy FDZ_8000 FDZ_8009 copy FDZ_8011 FDZ_8016 FDZ_8019 copy FDZ_8020 FDZ_8023 copy FDZ_8031 copy

By the time we reached our resort, we were exhausted and famished. Took a long cold shower and napped for more or less 30 minutes. At night, we went for dinner along the street and went for a much needed 1 hour body massage. After massage, we went for a good arabic shisha at the only arab restaurant you could find in Ao Nang. We basically spent 3 nights shishaing & street food hunting along the street.


I love the fact that there were art everywhere. My personal favorite was seeing a tattoo artists tattooing his customers and they were in a glass box. As a muslim, we are not allowed to tattoo our body so, having to experienced the process excites me.

FDZ_8060 copy FDZ_8063

Our last breakfast before departing.


If we were to be given a chance to stay longer, we would definitely go for more adventures. Unfortunately, we had no choice but to only stay 3 nights due to our 9-5 daily jobs. There are more tours that you would want to go and they are all worth paying for. Kindly refer to our previous post on what can you do in Krabi.



1. The Cliff Ao Nang: We stayed for 3 nights there. The cost per night from Baht900.00 per person per night

2. Island Hoping: It depends on what do you want. For a whole day ranging from Baht1200.00-Baht1600.00 per person, Half day from Baht800.00-Baht1200.00 per person.

3. Food: It is a majority Muslim there, so no problem if you are worried about halal or not. Food is from Baht60.00-(might costs more if you are a big eater)

4. Street Body Massage: Baht400-800 per hour.

Thank you for reading & hope to share with you more soon!

Written by Nina Zainorin & Fadza Ishak
Photographed by Fadza Ishak
I: @journeykita
E: fadzaninatravel@gmail.com

Chapter 8: Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand. Pt. 1

 Greetings Backpackers!

It’s been awhile since our last update. We apologies for the late update here but we’ve already started uploading pictures on Instagram. Have you followed us yet? It’s @journeykita. Follow, interact & share with us. We are up for more connections.

Some of you have been asking us whether or not we’ve been to Krabi, Thailand. Of course, Krabi was one of the islands in the world that we’ve listed in our island  honeymoon list.

So here we go,


January, 2013.

FDZ_7502 copyFDZ_7508 copy

We traveled to Krabi, Thailand by AirAsia. Why AirAsia? Since the journey from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia takes about 2 1/2 hours, it’s best to fly with AirAsia as the cost of travelling won’t empty your wallets before you even get to see those nice colorful looking creatures under the sea. But, if you think you don’t mind spending, there’s always other airlines to keep you cozy.

FDZ_7511 copy


Upon our arrival at the airport, we were greeted by The Cliff’s chauffeur with a smile holding Fadza’s name on the white cardboard.

Took us to the shuttle and drove us straight to our resort. It was quite a journey to Ao Nang from the airport. We slept in the shuttle probably due to the heat the ocean gave us.

As soon as we arrived at The Cliff, we were again greeted by the front-desks with 2 glasses of chillers before checking-in. To be honest, The Cliff was unexpectedly beautiful surrounded by cliffs & greens. Imagine sipping our chillers with the scenery of nature. 3 words, To Die For.


FDZ_7532 copy

FDZ_7539 copy

FDZ_7541 copy

The swimming pool I wanted to dive in the first thing I laid my eyes on. How can you not swim in this beautifully made SALT WATER pool with the majestic view? Yes, a salt water pool.

By the time we finished unpacked our stuff, it was about time for lunch. We took a stroll out to look for food to eat and also a convenient store to get some snacks and drinks to bring back to our Honeymoon Suite.

FDZ_7546 copy


Finding food in Krabi wasn’t difficult. You can get Halal food almost everywhere on the street of Ao Nang. Here’s a suggestion to make your food hunting interesting, rent a bike and explore the town. You might even catch a good looking bikini on your way up. So, eyes open for food & bikinis!

FDZ_7551 copy

We decided to go for Thai food. Since we’re in Thailand, it’s a waste if you don’t try the original Thai food at least once. Although we can easily get Thai food in Kuala Lumpur, I must say that the way of cooking and the taste of every bite is different.

My advise is to check on the pricing before you decide to have your meal at any seafood restaurants that caters for tourists along the street as they can go really expensive. Don’t get cheated. Unless if you don’t mind paying more, by all means.

FDZ_7556 copy

After we had our lunch, we decided to stroll down the town towards Ao Nang beach with a purpose… to flatten our bloated stomachs. It was quite a walk.

We met more locals, more tourists, more lady-boys. Yes, lady-boys ladies and gentleman.  They are more bustier & curvier than us girls. Pay them to touch them. Or if you’re lucky, you get to touch them for free. Yes ladies, for free. Second advise, keep an eye on your boyfriend, fiance & husband cause they tend to go wild when they see ’em lady-boys waving with their boobs popping out. Boobs needs air.

FDZ_7566 copy

Everybody, here’s a picture of me pointing at the things we bought. – You either find this pointless or pointless.

We managed to find a convenient store just 5 minutes away from The Cliff. 7-Eleven, they have everything you need. We bought chocolate bars, chips & can drinks. You might need to get those on your way back to your resort just so you don’t have to buy any with extra charges from your room.

FDZ_7567 copy

Besides renting a bike, you can also explore the town and get from one place to another by the open vehicle above. “unsure of what to call it”. Fadza said it is known as a bus.

FDZ_7573 copy

Ao Nang beach everybody. At certain time, you’ll find countless boats at the shore. At this particular time, they were all at some island taking tourists for island hopping & snorkeling.

FDZ_7588 copy

Ladies & Gents is one of those custom tailors that you can find on the streets of Ao Nang. They can sew you a suit in less than a day. We were told about these tailors by our wedding dresses & suits designer as he said “You can make awesome cheap suits in Thailand”. But we didn’t… because we were already married. Just in case if you have a wedding coming, you might wanna try making an additional suit here.

FDZ_7593 copy

List of activities you can do in Krabi.

Third advise, you might wanna stay a little longer than 2 nights. Because believe us, you must try at least the 4 Islands hopping, the jungle tour & kayaking. They are all worth paying for.

Forth advise, don’t go on the elephant trekking. Stop animal abuse. I know it’s fun and all to be on top of the gentle giants but you don’t know how they suffer behind every trip & how they are trained to do so. Here’s a read. http://expertvagabond.com/elephants-in-thailand/  http://expertvagabond.com/elephants-in-thailand/

FDZ_7594 copy

FDZ_7597 copy

Some of the places you can rent bikes. Find a banner that says “Motorbike For Rent” and you’ll find your bike. Nothing impossible to find. It’s everywhere.

FDZ_7604 copy

FDZ_7607 copy

FDZ_7611 copy

That’s not us. We did not rent a bike because we… we don’t know how to ride bikes.

FDZ_7615 copy

Some of the lanes we found interesting to photograph.

FDZ_7616 copy

FDZ_7618 copy

Street food. Chicken on stick or better known as “ayam percik” in Malaysia.

FDZ_7622 copy

Here’s human on stick or better known as “Nina” in Malaysia. Not food. Just human on stick.

FDZ_7627 copy

Here’s the human on stick  failed attempt to be a frog.  *I finally got to taste the water from the salt water pool. It was salty as predicted :p*

FDZ_7629 copy

And here’s the human on stick failed attempt to be an airplane.

FDZ_7642 copy

Ao Nang street looks different at night. More food stalls, more lights, more people walking on the streets, more lady-boys, more hot chicks, more shirts to buy & more bars to drink (for those who drinks. We don’t. Just FYI).

So there you are, the 1st chapter of Krabi as promised. Next chapter we will share with you more on our island hopping trip, our night just chilling at an Arabic bar/restaurant shisha’ing & some other interesting places and scenes we found interesting during our stay.

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Written by Nina Zainorin
Photographed by Fadza Ishak
I: @journeykita
E: fadzaninatravel [at] gmail.com

Chapter 7: Backpacking through Sabah. Route KK-Kundasang-KK Part 2




8 January 2014-11 January 2014

FDZ_6305 copy

Mount Kinabalu is a prominent mountain on the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia. It is located in the East Malaysian state of Sabah and is protected as Kinabalu Park, a World Heritage Site. – Courtesy of Wikipedia.





Upon our arrival, we received a bundle of smiles from the locals and the owner, Mr. Wong. A Singaporean who had fallen in love with Malaysia’s beauty in nature.

Sonny Village Kundasang has one of the best view of Mount Kinabalu. Our room was complete with a bathroom, a heater, a water boiler & a mosquito / insect repellent. The stay comes with breakfast for two. But what we care the most was the scenery from our balcony.

The first thing we did when we got the keys to our room was to open wide our door facing the balcony and enjoyed the view. It was magnificent. Mount Kinabalu was just in front of us. If only we had longer arms… 😉



The view got better the morning after. Sun rises early, I’d say around  6.30am onwards, if you’re lucky.

Sonny Village Kundasang is all about nature. Rooms are all made of wood surrounded by trees, wild animals, insects and beautiful views. Basically, we were surrounded by love. We just couldn’t get enough. We were there during the rainy season or as what the local call it “Musim Sejuk” (Cold Season).

FDZ_6348 FDZ_6350

FDZ_6353 copy

Breakfast is served at their cafe. We had toast, butter, sausages, eggs & coffee. Simple and filling for a long day out. You wouldn’t want to fill your stomach full if you’re on a trip in the nature. It’s not easy finding a clean toilet. Just so you know.

FDZ_6357 FDZ_6359 copy FDZ_6367 copy FDZ_6373 copy

That very morning, we decided to visit Desa Cattle Dairy Farm which is one of the places that you should visit when you come across Kundasang. Few minutes drive from Sonny Village Kundasang.

FDZ_6385 copy FDZ_6389 FDZ_6403

On our way to Desa Cattle Dairy Farm. Stop for a picture or two if you want to. We stopped at every corner just to get the perfect picture of  every scene.

The rain pours every 30minutes during our stay to the point that we were unable to keep up with the weather. When we asked the local about the weather, the answer given was simple “Tak pastilah” (We are unsure). We thought that it was just us that was unable to identify the weather situation, but since even the local too have no clear idea what time is the actual sunrise or when can we see the peak of Mount Kinabalu, guess we are not that bad.

FDZ_6416 copy


Pictures above explains it all. Black and white cows, green grass & Mount Kinabalu. How majestic? We don’t know about you but we would trade anything just to be here at Malaysia’s New Zealand.

There were hundreds of them cows just lazing around enjoying the green grass and view.

I’d like to call them “A Bundle Of Lucky Cows”.

FDZ_6421 copy FDZ_6422

FDZ_6437 FDZ_6438 FDZ_6446 FDZ_6449 FDZ_6453 FDZ_6465

Here I am with two of my favorite cuddly calves. They are too adorable. Aren’t they cute?

FDZ_6467 FDZ_6471 FDZ_6474 FDZ_6476

FDZ_6488 FDZ_6491 FDZ_6493

Morning Market.

You can find mostly freshly picked vegetables at the morning market such as potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, beansprouts, cucumbers, red/green chilies and such.

You can also enjoy their vegetables there by buying them & cooking them at your homestay, resort, lodge (if they allow you).



We love the people here, nice warm-welcoming feeling. Here are few simple portraits of the local Kadazan Dusun.

FDZ_6506 FDZ_6516 FDZ_6521

What you’re seeing here is a driving range made in the centre of the small town facing houses and mountains.


FDZ_6522 FDZ_6529 FDZ_6531 FDZ_6536 FDZ_6537 FDZ_6565 FDZ_6573

We walked from Sonny Lodge to the National Park. You know, just to get the taste of the beautiful environment and fresh air. Once we reached there, rain starts to pour heavily. When we wantedto walk back to the lodge, the rain pours even more heavier and fog started to appear. It is very dangerous to walk in the thick fog as the incoming car or lorry have a very limited visibility and accident can happen. So we took a pajero taxi, and yeah it costed us RM10. Expensive for a 3 minutes ride, but it is safer.

We spend our last day before checking out by enjoying the morning view at our lodge’s porch. With heavy heart, we pack our bags and ready to drive back down to Kota Kinabalu. We managed to visit a few small places and resorts at the very last minute to see what they have to offer. Well, we can say we prefer our lodge better. Private with a magnificent view.

Kundasang, one day we’ll come back. But this time, to conquer Mount Kinabalu.


Photographed by Fadza Ishak
Written by Nina Zainorin