Dear followers, thank you for being awesome. We received tons of retweets in Twitter about our trip to Sungai Lembing. JourneyKita was famous for a day and again sorry for keeping you guys on hold. We are currently in the midst of planning our next mountains and desserts hiking trip end of September 2014 and its not an easy job to organize a long tour. Nevertheless, we managed to banked in all the information needed and we are thankful for the connections made.

As promised,


January 2013.

 FDZ_7663 copy FDZ_7667 copy FDZ_7691 copy

The Cliff, Ao Nang serves breakfast at the balcony. The first thing we saw when we opened the door was food. Frankfurters, eggs, toast, milk, juices, fruits and so much more. It’s always nice to skinny dip in the pool after breakfast,

Ao Nang is peaceful during the day. Majority goes out for tours or the others  just roams around the street bargaining shirts, bags & souvenirs to bring back home for family and friends. To get good price you must know how to bargain. It is highly recommended to shop during the night as there were more stalls and competition. Chances of you getting good price for certain goods is high.

FDZ_7726 copy

The Cliff, Ao Nang gave us a complimentary dinner for two and we had Thai food of course. Dinner was set up romantically by the pool overlooking the cliffs. Awesome food + awesome scenery equals to AWESOME POSSUM.

FDZ_7730 copy

1 hour Thai body massage was also on the complimentary list. Masseuses came to our room that particular night and gave us each a perfect touched.


Checkout Ao Nang street in black and white below.

FDZ_7740 copy FDZ_7741 copy FDZ_7744 copy FDZ_7755 copy FDZ_7760 copy FDZ_7771 copy

After a night exploring the street of Ao Nang, we got excited for the 4 islands tour the next day. We booked the tour from The Cliffs reception & they organised the tour for us. It’s slightly cheaper booking tours with your resort than buying them along the streets.

FDZ_7774 copy FDZ_7776 copy FDZ_7778 copy FDZ_7783 FDZ_7790 copy

A bus picked us up at the resort after breakfast and sent us to Ao Nang beach. There, we waited for another group of tourist to join the tour. We shared a tail boat with a young Singaporean couple, a group of European youngsters  & 2 white men from Denmark.


FDZ_7793 copy FDZ_7799 copy FDZ_7800 copy FDZ_7802 copy


FDZ_7814 copy

Water was crystal clear & shallow. Weather was perfect but the island was filled with humans. Its perfect for a little swim but as time goes by, it gets deeper. There were 2 separate islands and we had to walk a mile or so to reach the actual beach using the only path made naturally by its white sands. We were given an hour to explore the island and we had to walked back to our tail boat for another island.


FDZ_7831 copy FDZ_7839 copy

The path made naturally by sands.

FDZ_7854 copy FDZ_7870 copy FDZ_7893 copy FDZ_7900 copy FDZ_7902 copy

Below’s the reason why the island was named Chicken Island.

FDZ_7914 copy1


Second stop, BAT ISLAND.



Here, we went snorkeling. To those who can’t swim, worry not. Life jackets are provided. You will be given a set of flippers, a  life jacket & a goggle to explore the underwater world. Some corals are dead due to Tsunami attacked in 2004 but they are reserving few areas for corals to develop. I was quite disappointed at first as I was looking forward to see colourful corals. There were some but they weren’t many. Magic happened after I saw colourful small & big fishes swam beside & under me. They were actually very friendly. Its a must go snorkeling trip if you love fishes.

FDZ_7930 copy FDZ_7931 copy FDZ_7934 copy

Third stop, PODA ISLAND.


Poda Island is where tourist paid to relax & unwind. They just lay down half naked wherever the want and praised the sun. We asians, looked for a perfect space under canopy trees accompanied by our sunglasses.  This is also where lunch was served overlooking an island with a single long cliff. Thick chicken tom yam and mixed vegetables was good enough for us hungry humans. Tail boats parked at the shore compliments the scenery. Locals there are very helpful. We were given an hour to explore the island and we did not waste a single minute looking for fishes, seashells & topless chicks.



This boy sold us Popsicle while we were strolling around the island. Such a sweet boy asking if the Popsicle was alright. Nina’s tongue got glued to the Popsicle for a few second because it was super freezing.

FDZ_7963 FDZ_7964

Skinny dipping with a Popsicle in your mouth is always fun! A mixture of hot & cold.

FDZ_7969 copy FDZ_7972 copy FDZ_7982 copy

Last but not least, fourth stop… Phra Nang Island.



I think Phra Nang Island is the liveliest island of all. There were people kayaking, cliff climbing, cliff jumping, swimming, snorkeling, picnicking, locals selling snack on an unused tail boat & people exploring the cave. Phra Nang to us was a very fun island. It was recently voted one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. It has jaw-dropping spectacular scenery and is an excellent swimming beach. As usual, we were given an hour to explore the majestic island and that people, was the end of our 4 islands hopping tour.


Tail boats selling all sorts of snacks.


FDZ_7997 copy FDZ_7999 copy FDZ_8000 FDZ_8009 copy FDZ_8011 FDZ_8016 FDZ_8019 copy FDZ_8020 FDZ_8023 copy FDZ_8031 copy

By the time we reached our resort, we were exhausted and famished. Took a long cold shower and napped for more or less 30 minutes. At night, we went for dinner along the street and went for a much needed 1 hour body massage. After massage, we went for a good arabic shisha at the only arab restaurant you could find in Ao Nang. We basically spent 3 nights shishaing & street food hunting along the street.


I love the fact that there were art everywhere. My personal favorite was seeing a tattoo artists tattooing his customers and they were in a glass box. As a muslim, we are not allowed to tattoo our body so, having to experienced the process excites me.

FDZ_8060 copy FDZ_8063

Our last breakfast before departing.


If we were to be given a chance to stay longer, we would definitely go for more adventures. Unfortunately, we had no choice but to only stay 3 nights due to our 9-5 daily jobs. There are more tours that you would want to go and they are all worth paying for. Kindly refer to our previous post on what can you do in Krabi.



1. The Cliff Ao Nang: We stayed for 3 nights there. The cost per night from Baht900.00 per person per night

2. Island Hoping: It depends on what do you want. For a whole day ranging from Baht1200.00-Baht1600.00 per person, Half day from Baht800.00-Baht1200.00 per person.

3. Food: It is a majority Muslim there, so no problem if you are worried about halal or not. Food is from Baht60.00-(might costs more if you are a big eater)

4. Street Body Massage: Baht400-800 per hour.

Thank you for reading & hope to share with you more soon!

Written by Nina Zainorin & Fadza Ishak
Photographed by Fadza Ishak
I: @journeykita

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