Chapter 8: Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand. Pt. 1

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Some of you have been asking us whether or not we’ve been to Krabi, Thailand. Of course, Krabi was one of the islands in the world that we’ve listed in our island  honeymoon list.

So here we go,


January, 2013.

FDZ_7502 copyFDZ_7508 copy

We traveled to Krabi, Thailand by AirAsia. Why AirAsia? Since the journey from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia takes about 2 1/2 hours, it’s best to fly with AirAsia as the cost of travelling won’t empty your wallets before you even get to see those nice colorful looking creatures under the sea. But, if you think you don’t mind spending, there’s always other airlines to keep you cozy.

FDZ_7511 copy


Upon our arrival at the airport, we were greeted by The Cliff’s chauffeur with a smile holding Fadza’s name on the white cardboard.

Took us to the shuttle and drove us straight to our resort. It was quite a journey to Ao Nang from the airport. We slept in the shuttle probably due to the heat the ocean gave us.

As soon as we arrived at The Cliff, we were again greeted by the front-desks with 2 glasses of chillers before checking-in. To be honest, The Cliff was unexpectedly beautiful surrounded by cliffs & greens. Imagine sipping our chillers with the scenery of nature. 3 words, To Die For.


FDZ_7532 copy

FDZ_7539 copy

FDZ_7541 copy

The swimming pool I wanted to dive in the first thing I laid my eyes on. How can you not swim in this beautifully made SALT WATER pool with the majestic view? Yes, a salt water pool.

By the time we finished unpacked our stuff, it was about time for lunch. We took a stroll out to look for food to eat and also a convenient store to get some snacks and drinks to bring back to our Honeymoon Suite.

FDZ_7546 copy


Finding food in Krabi wasn’t difficult. You can get Halal food almost everywhere on the street of Ao Nang. Here’s a suggestion to make your food hunting interesting, rent a bike and explore the town. You might even catch a good looking bikini on your way up. So, eyes open for food & bikinis!

FDZ_7551 copy

We decided to go for Thai food. Since we’re in Thailand, it’s a waste if you don’t try the original Thai food at least once. Although we can easily get Thai food in Kuala Lumpur, I must say that the way of cooking and the taste of every bite is different.

My advise is to check on the pricing before you decide to have your meal at any seafood restaurants that caters for tourists along the street as they can go really expensive. Don’t get cheated. Unless if you don’t mind paying more, by all means.

FDZ_7556 copy

After we had our lunch, we decided to stroll down the town towards Ao Nang beach with a purpose… to flatten our bloated stomachs. It was quite a walk.

We met more locals, more tourists, more lady-boys. Yes, lady-boys ladies and gentleman.  They are more bustier & curvier than us girls. Pay them to touch them. Or if you’re lucky, you get to touch them for free. Yes ladies, for free. Second advise, keep an eye on your boyfriend, fiance & husband cause they tend to go wild when they see ’em lady-boys waving with their boobs popping out. Boobs needs air.

FDZ_7566 copy

Everybody, here’s a picture of me pointing at the things we bought. – You either find this pointless or pointless.

We managed to find a convenient store just 5 minutes away from The Cliff. 7-Eleven, they have everything you need. We bought chocolate bars, chips & can drinks. You might need to get those on your way back to your resort just so you don’t have to buy any with extra charges from your room.

FDZ_7567 copy

Besides renting a bike, you can also explore the town and get from one place to another by the open vehicle above. “unsure of what to call it”. Fadza said it is known as a bus.

FDZ_7573 copy

Ao Nang beach everybody. At certain time, you’ll find countless boats at the shore. At this particular time, they were all at some island taking tourists for island hopping & snorkeling.

FDZ_7588 copy

Ladies & Gents is one of those custom tailors that you can find on the streets of Ao Nang. They can sew you a suit in less than a day. We were told about these tailors by our wedding dresses & suits designer as he said “You can make awesome cheap suits in Thailand”. But we didn’t… because we were already married. Just in case if you have a wedding coming, you might wanna try making an additional suit here.

FDZ_7593 copy

List of activities you can do in Krabi.

Third advise, you might wanna stay a little longer than 2 nights. Because believe us, you must try at least the 4 Islands hopping, the jungle tour & kayaking. They are all worth paying for.

Forth advise, don’t go on the elephant trekking. Stop animal abuse. I know it’s fun and all to be on top of the gentle giants but you don’t know how they suffer behind every trip & how they are trained to do so. Here’s a read.

FDZ_7594 copy

FDZ_7597 copy

Some of the places you can rent bikes. Find a banner that says “Motorbike For Rent” and you’ll find your bike. Nothing impossible to find. It’s everywhere.

FDZ_7604 copy

FDZ_7607 copy

FDZ_7611 copy

That’s not us. We did not rent a bike because we… we don’t know how to ride bikes.

FDZ_7615 copy

Some of the lanes we found interesting to photograph.

FDZ_7616 copy

FDZ_7618 copy

Street food. Chicken on stick or better known as “ayam percik” in Malaysia.

FDZ_7622 copy

Here’s human on stick or better known as “Nina” in Malaysia. Not food. Just human on stick.

FDZ_7627 copy

Here’s the human on stick  failed attempt to be a frog.  *I finally got to taste the water from the salt water pool. It was salty as predicted :p*

FDZ_7629 copy

And here’s the human on stick failed attempt to be an airplane.

FDZ_7642 copy

Ao Nang street looks different at night. More food stalls, more lights, more people walking on the streets, more lady-boys, more hot chicks, more shirts to buy & more bars to drink (for those who drinks. We don’t. Just FYI).

So there you are, the 1st chapter of Krabi as promised. Next chapter we will share with you more on our island hopping trip, our night just chilling at an Arabic bar/restaurant shisha’ing & some other interesting places and scenes we found interesting during our stay.

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Have a good week ahead & remember, Stop Animal Abuse!

Written by Nina Zainorin
Photographed by Fadza Ishak
I: @journeykita
E: fadzaninatravel [at]

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