Chapter 7: Backpacking through Sabah. Route KK-Kundasang-KK Part 2




8 January 2014-11 January 2014

FDZ_6305 copy

Mount Kinabalu is a prominent mountain on the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia. It is located in the East Malaysian state of Sabah and is protected as Kinabalu Park, a World Heritage Site. – Courtesy of Wikipedia.





Upon our arrival, we received a bundle of smiles from the locals and the owner, Mr. Wong. A Singaporean who had fallen in love with Malaysia’s beauty in nature.

Sonny Village Kundasang has one of the best view of Mount Kinabalu. Our room was complete with a bathroom, a heater, a water boiler & a mosquito / insect repellent. The stay comes with breakfast for two. But what we care the most was the scenery from our balcony.

The first thing we did when we got the keys to our room was to open wide our door facing the balcony and enjoyed the view. It was magnificent. Mount Kinabalu was just in front of us. If only we had longer arms… 😉



The view got better the morning after. Sun rises early, I’d say around  6.30am onwards, if you’re lucky.

Sonny Village Kundasang is all about nature. Rooms are all made of wood surrounded by trees, wild animals, insects and beautiful views. Basically, we were surrounded by love. We just couldn’t get enough. We were there during the rainy season or as what the local call it “Musim Sejuk” (Cold Season).

FDZ_6348 FDZ_6350

FDZ_6353 copy

Breakfast is served at their cafe. We had toast, butter, sausages, eggs & coffee. Simple and filling for a long day out. You wouldn’t want to fill your stomach full if you’re on a trip in the nature. It’s not easy finding a clean toilet. Just so you know.

FDZ_6357 FDZ_6359 copy FDZ_6367 copy FDZ_6373 copy

That very morning, we decided to visit Desa Cattle Dairy Farm which is one of the places that you should visit when you come across Kundasang. Few minutes drive from Sonny Village Kundasang.

FDZ_6385 copy FDZ_6389 FDZ_6403

On our way to Desa Cattle Dairy Farm. Stop for a picture or two if you want to. We stopped at every corner just to get the perfect picture of  every scene.

The rain pours every 30minutes during our stay to the point that we were unable to keep up with the weather. When we asked the local about the weather, the answer given was simple “Tak pastilah” (We are unsure). We thought that it was just us that was unable to identify the weather situation, but since even the local too have no clear idea what time is the actual sunrise or when can we see the peak of Mount Kinabalu, guess we are not that bad.

FDZ_6416 copy


Pictures above explains it all. Black and white cows, green grass & Mount Kinabalu. How majestic? We don’t know about you but we would trade anything just to be here at Malaysia’s New Zealand.

There were hundreds of them cows just lazing around enjoying the green grass and view.

I’d like to call them “A Bundle Of Lucky Cows”.

FDZ_6421 copy FDZ_6422

FDZ_6437 FDZ_6438 FDZ_6446 FDZ_6449 FDZ_6453 FDZ_6465

Here I am with two of my favorite cuddly calves. They are too adorable. Aren’t they cute?

FDZ_6467 FDZ_6471 FDZ_6474 FDZ_6476

FDZ_6488 FDZ_6491 FDZ_6493

Morning Market.

You can find mostly freshly picked vegetables at the morning market such as potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, beansprouts, cucumbers, red/green chilies and such.

You can also enjoy their vegetables there by buying them & cooking them at your homestay, resort, lodge (if they allow you).



We love the people here, nice warm-welcoming feeling. Here are few simple portraits of the local Kadazan Dusun.

FDZ_6506 FDZ_6516 FDZ_6521

What you’re seeing here is a driving range made in the centre of the small town facing houses and mountains.


FDZ_6522 FDZ_6529 FDZ_6531 FDZ_6536 FDZ_6537 FDZ_6565 FDZ_6573

We walked from Sonny Lodge to the National Park. You know, just to get the taste of the beautiful environment and fresh air. Once we reached there, rain starts to pour heavily. When we wantedto walk back to the lodge, the rain pours even more heavier and fog started to appear. It is very dangerous to walk in the thick fog as the incoming car or lorry have a very limited visibility and accident can happen. So we took a pajero taxi, and yeah it costed us RM10. Expensive for a 3 minutes ride, but it is safer.

We spend our last day before checking out by enjoying the morning view at our lodge’s porch. With heavy heart, we pack our bags and ready to drive back down to Kota Kinabalu. We managed to visit a few small places and resorts at the very last minute to see what they have to offer. Well, we can say we prefer our lodge better. Private with a magnificent view.

Kundasang, one day we’ll come back. But this time, to conquer Mount Kinabalu.


Photographed by Fadza Ishak
Written by Nina Zainorin




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