Chapter 3: Kate’s Wonderland. Bangalow

Hey hey! It’s been awhile since we last updated Journey Kita. Well, we’ve been working on some other series of places to visit & some we’ve already visited. We are now at Time Capsule, Pahang working on a review which later will be published. Wait for it. Wait for it.

So… how was April? Good? Bad? Ok not bad? Our April was just another normal month. Nothing much happened except for Fadza turned a year older on the 16. Happy Birthday Fadza! yay!

Okay, as promised… this time around we will take you on a little tour around the legendary, Australia’s most wanted super talented photographer, our dear friend Kate Holmes superbly breath taking home nested in Bangalow, Australia.

We knew Kate from Instagram. We adored her work & slowly tried to get in touch with her. As a person she is motherly, adorable little petite creature, a nature person & someone you can trust undoubtedly.


Bangalow is a small town located roughly 15 minutes from Byron Bay. Kate’s particular home was surrounded by nature. Trees, birds, butterflies, name it.

We were stunned immediately after we got off her car.


This tree in particular is more than a hundred y/o. And this huge tree  was the first thing we saw when we arrived.



Ok, let me introduce you… Kate Holmes. Mother to little Luca & wife to the amazing Pete.




Kate took us to an orchard at the back of her house. It was only few steps away. She managed to take a few shots of us & Fadza managed to get Kate on the camera.  Enjoy the pictures below 😉







After the quick tour around Kate’s playground, she took us to Byron Bay. She dropped us at the top of the lighthouse and we took a stroll down the hill surrounded by nature & magnificent view that we had our jaws dropped till we reached the bottom.

Enjoy the view!

FDZ_9750 FDZ_9752 FDZ_9753 FDZ_9767 FDZ_9773 FDZ_9777 FDZ_9779 FDZ_9781 FDZ_9782

This is the point where you might get the chance to see whales & sharks. We weren’t so lucky.

FDZ_9786 FDZ_9788

Look for the wild wallaby!

FDZ_9802 FDZ_9805 FDZ_9813 FDZ_9819 FDZ_9835 FDZ_9844 FDZ_9845

After the long stroll, Kate took us to Byron Town for dinner. We decided to have Thai instead. As Malaysians, we must consume something spicy.

Before heading to the restaurant, we encountered with a huge or shall I say a gigantic storm coming towards Byron. According to the locals, it is unusual. Not normal at all. It was like a huge white cotton ball, (as you can see in the picture below) coming towards us. Worry not, it wasn’t all dangerous. It rained for about 30 minutes and everything went back to normal.

Nevertheless, It was quite an experienced.

FDZ_9846 FDZ_9855 FDZ_9856

Morning in Bangalow, Australia.

Woke up, showered and *poofff* coffee & pancakes served!

Pancakes and coffee prepared by the magnificent home chef Mr. Pete. They treated us like family & we… we were just looking at each other not knowing how to thank them.

Now people, enjoy the pancakes and control your saliva.

FDZ_9862 FDZ_9864 FDZ_9865

You’ve seen Kate. Let me introduce you to Pete, Kate’s husband & Luca, Kate’s little man.

Luca is 5 and he is obsessed with bins. Coloured bins from the tiniest to the big ones we normally see at the garage. Look closely at picture number 3 where Kate is showing Pete how to take control of the camera. Luca had a yellow bin in his hands.  A house lizard lives in the yellow bin. Yes, a house lizard.


FDZ_9866 FDZ_9867 FDZ_9869 FDZ_9870 FDZ_9874

Nina, Kate & Fadza. We showered by the way.

FDZ_9875 FDZ_9876 FDZ_9877

So there people, JourneyKita @ Bungalow & Byron Bay, Australia. It was a short memorable trip all together. People, food, sceneries will be missed. We will definitely come back for more.

Our next post will be up in few days time. Mainly about our last night in Australia. Wait for it. Wait for it.

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Have a splendid day travellers!


Photographed by Fadza Ishak
Written by Nina Zainorin
Instagram: @journeykita

2 thoughts on “Chapter 3: Kate’s Wonderland. Bangalow

  1. Kate’s house is gorgeous! Love the wood and vintage feel to it. Also love that lighthouse excursion of yours. Keep them entries coming! 😀

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