Hey people! Welcome to Fadza & Nina backpacking blog! This is our second entry since our first post last week. We’re planning to keep on updating you crazy backpackers from time to time and hoping for you people to update & connect with @journeykita on instagram and share your crazy backpacking adventure with us. Follow us on instagram (if you haven’t) and tag us as many pictures as you like. Don’t forget to say Hi!

So, Seaworld done. Kebab done. It’s MOVIEWORLD now!

We did not waste our time that particular morning. Had breakfast, refilled our water bottles, went to the information counter to ask for the right bus number and directions to the bus stop &  jumped straight up on the bus to Movieworld. To be honest, I am not all excited to see cartoon characters. I wanted to be there so much because of the rides.

Took us about 40-45 minutes to Movieworld. Bus fare was about 18 Aud per ride for two which was quite costly to be honest but it was all worth spending because it was very convenient for us who refused to rent a car. Yes, you could rent a car if you want too at a very reasonable price.

ImageImage ImageImageImage

I must say that the scariest ride was ESCAPE. Second goes to Arkham Asylum. The rest are all baby rides for me. We spent about 3 hours or so there. Had our “All You Can Eat” buffet lunch and took a bus home. Good day. Good day.

Bus stopped us at Surfer’s Paradise and we had to walked back home to our apartment (as usual). On our way to our apartment, we decided to give Kate a ring as we had planned to meet her during our stay. Tried calling her few times when we reached Surfer’s, but apparently the line was not on our side. Managed to speak to her after few times trying and hey… what a  relief 🙂



Below are some pictures captured during our first few nights in Surfer’s Paradise.

Enjoy 🙂



“Go at least once a year to a place you have never been before”




Hey! Fish & chips! Fish & chips everywhere!

It’s always sunny and packed with people. Just like Kuala Lumpur.

We found out that they had flee market / bazaar every Friday & Tuesday night. They sell things from clothing to cakes, fruits, accessories, arts, Australian musical instruments and such.

Street entertainers will entertain you while you take a walk at Surfer’s town.


Let me just touch a little bit on what we think about Australians. We got treated pretty awesome by them. They were very much polite and approachable. Ask them anything, the will answer with a smile. They will “G’day” you before you get to “G’day” them. They don’t SPIT freely. YES, let me repeat that. THEY DON’T SPIT FREELY. They keep their country clean. You don’t get to see rubbish on the road anywhere. They will try to keep their public toilets clean. I’d say, cleanliness level 101.

Ok people, there goes our first few nights in Surfer’s Paradise.  We can’t wait to share with you on our beautiful night in Bangalow with Kate Holmes.

Keep in touch & thank you for viewing!


Written by Nina Zainorin
Photographed by Fadza Ishak
I: @journeykita


  1. Hi Nina and Fazda!
    I’m really enjoying your posts here and on instagram. It’s a good introduction as I’m planning to move out to the Gold Coast for school in a few months. I was just wondering how you found the bus transportation there?

    Thanks! Enjoy your travels,


    1. Hi Janine,

      Sorry for the late reply. It has been a very busy normal ruitine work days for the both of us. Just realised your comment.

      Transportation in Gold Coast is superbly easy. Excess are everywhere. To make it easier, go to the nearest information booth *there are few located in Surfers Town* and ask for their public transportation guide. They will provide you the map of where you can take the bus & what bus number you should take to your destination.If you’re unsure, you can just ask the anyone you come across. They are all very friendly & helpful.

      Enjoy your school in Gold Coast! And don’t forget to keep in touch 😉


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