Chapter 1: Surfer’s Paradise, Goldcoast, Queensland.


Suntower Holiday Apartment.

12 Mar 2014 – 16 Mar 2014.

As soon as we arrived in Gold Coast, we were sent straight here by the airport shuttle. It was about 8pm and there were no sun anymore for sightseeing. The city was already quiet, peaceful and the sound of the wave from the beach stoked us.

We were shocked to see that the reception was already closed when we arrived. We didn’t know what to do or who to call. After awhile of having a little argument, we decided to take a walk down to the nearest town to look for free wifi spot. Lucky enough, we found a wifi spot at the centre of Surfer’s town which was only 5 minutes away from our apartment. 5 MINUTES AWAY FROM SURFER’S TOWN??? HOW CONVENIENT!!!

Checked my emails and BOOM! retrieved our 6 digits to open up the safe box where our apartment keys was kept.

2 rooms 1 bathroom complete with a washing machine & a dryer, a kitchen complete with a stove & a microwave, a drawer & a magic cabinet where you can find just about anything you need.

Below are some picture we’d like to share with you. Look at the breathtaking view from our balcony. Win!





Woken up by the sound of the wave and the first thing we saw in the morning when we looked out was seagulls flying and the beautiful beach.  Showered, took some pictures, had tuna, bread & coffee for breakfast and walked down to look for activities to do during our stay.

Met the owner of Suntower, Deanne & her husband as we need to register our stay. Cute old couple running family business. Fadza asked “Can we have the password to the wifi please?” She went “Ouh we’re sorry, we don’t have wifi here. We’re too old for that” 😉 Well luckily, McDonald’s sat just around the corner.

Sooooo… we bought 2 passes for 3 parks which was Seaworld, Movieworld & Wet&Wild. 1st stop SEAWORLD!!!











Fadza was born adventurous where as I was quite on the girly girl side. He insisted to take a 30 minutes walk to Seaworld instead of taking a short ride on a bus. So we WALKED. Passed by some beautiful properties, sky high hotels, old morning strollers, joggers, surfers waiting to jump in the water, cyclists, skateboarders, dog walkers and more.





Instead of 30 minutes walk, it took us nearly an hour to get to Seaworld. We got lost as we missed a sign. I had blisters on both feet. The sun literally burned my skin and our tummies can’t stop growling!

All the pain then stopped once we entered Seaworld. Dolphines, penguins, sharks, seals, polar bears, sting rays, and other beautiful sea creatures stunned us. As animal lovers, we had so much fun just watching them… especially those cute & cuddly dolphines.

There were also rides such as coasters & cable cars. Apparently, Storm was under maintenance. So yeay, we went for the ones that are NOT under maintenance ;p

There wasn’t much to eat at Seaworld (as Malaysians, we’re always looking for something spicy) although the had stalls selling finger food and such. We treated ourselves with a big cup of vanilla & chocolate ice-cream to cool off.

Below are some pictures taken from Seaworld 🙂

Ouh and yeah… we took a bus back home to our apartment.

FDZ_9339 FDZ_9341 FDZ_9348 FDZ_9376

FDZ_9377 FDZ_9380


The bus stopped us at Surfers town. On our way to apartment, we stopped by for a kebab. We shared a beef kebab and walked back home to freshen up to start our evening.

FDZ_9396 FDZ_9397 FDZ_9403 FDZ_9407 FDZ_9412 FDZ_9415 FDZ_9419

Took a stroll at the beach at around 6.00pm. It was already getting dark. Some are still dipping their legs in the cold water, some just hanging around cuddling and kids are still building sand castles. It was a very cold & breezy evening and we couldn’t miss the great opportunity to capture moments.



Met a German surfer. He flew all the way just to surf. A very friendly guy to connect with. By friendly i mean, he’s willing to have a conversation with us while having a quick wash and also gave us a chance to snap a potrait of him with his surf board.

We learned that, not all surfers in Surfer’s Paradise are locals.

FDZ_9427 FDZ_9439 FDZ_9440 FDZ_9441 FDZ_9444

There it goes… our 1st night in Gold Coast. Let me just touch a little bit on the weather. We were hoping for a colder weather but it turns out to be, I’d say a little less humid than Malaysia with cold breezy wind.

I got so excited when we reached home to our apartment cause Movieworld’s tomorrow!

Showered, had maggi tomyam & mee udang we brought from home for dinner and lights off.

Written by: Nina Zainorin.
Photography by: Fadza Ishak.
I: @journeykita

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